Everyone enjoys having a home or work environment with beautiful furniture¸ it because they feel relaxed.

You should decide on which well-known centers to buy furniture In addition, for the purchase of home and office furniture, pay attention to the type and style of furniture, material and design of the fabric and the quality of wood, because the Beautiful and high quality home and office furniture effect on the interior design of your home and office and make it unique and special.

Therefore, you should receive advice and make purchases from individuals or groups with expertise in the design and production of home and office furniture Before buying a home and office furniture, consider what space you want for furniture? Where do you want use your home and office furniture? What is the color variation of furniture and fabric? How much time is spent on using office and home furniture, and etc.?

The TISS furniture group, with the expertise of designing and producing domestic and office furniture by many years of experience and knowledge, at all times, during the pre-purchase, purchase or support services after the purchase of home and office furniture provides you with the highest quality service.

TISS furniture group has been manufacturing furniture with global quality after around two decades, Importing and supplying of all kinds Luxury and super luxury of home and office furniture, From industrialized countries such as Spain and Italy, With the aim of providing Iranian products, Helping to raise the industrial level of the country, Preventing foreign currency from leaving the country and Creating employment while transferring technical knowledge, Technology and related machinery from the industrialized countries.

It has created a safe environment for the purchase of TISS furniture products because of various dealerships in most populated cities. Also, about 1500 meters long store, including private parking in Pasdaran area and stores in three separated floors in the strategic region Yaft Abad.

Sales of products manufactured to embassies in different countries caused TISS furniture group has taken a great step forward in exporting our products to various countries besides obtaining the standard mark of Iran ISIRI (Home furniture), and CE MARK certificate in Europe.

TISS home and office furniture group tries to design and produce home and office furniture in accordance with the work space or home environment. Currently, this process is carried out with careful monitoring of wood and fabric, and providing quality assurances and after-sales services by a team of experts in the industry. By visiting TISS Furniture Group get advice from our advisers on buying home and office furniture.