If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions with answers they give you. We are trying our best to provide you with the experience of others. Click to view answer a question on it.

1. Do your goods guarantees and after-sales service or not? If so how long?

One of the key notes for the success of the tees furniture group is the commitment to quality and customer standards for customer satisfaction. In the same vein, all of Tiss’s Furniture Group products have a one-year warranty and three years of after-sales service.

2. Is your manufacturing furniture fabrics are interchangeable?

TISS Furniture Group, with the expertise and experience of domestic and European designers and manufacturers, offers a wide variety of designs and designs for a wide variety of products. All our manufactured furniture has the ability to replace textiles and leather according to your taste and taste. We have a lot of fabrics, but if you have the same textiles, we’ll do the same for you.

3. Fabrics manufactured in or imported?

Most of the used fabrics are imported and standardized worldwide. All the materials of the manufactured furniture are imported, but we assemble. Both the fabric and the mechanism are the best material of the day.

4. What is the cost of sending products?

One of the most important services is: Delivery is at the customer’s premises, so that we can make unique shopping experience for our dear customers. You can order home and office furniture safely. In fact, according to the customer-oriented principle of the Tiss furniture group, all products provided by the Tiss furniture group are shipped to the final destination with a guarantee, but the cost of shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

5. If the product is produced breaks if the company accepts responsibility for it?

Perhaps the less industrial group in the home and office furniture can accommodate the furniture, but in the TISS furniture group, furniture or any purchased product you have the possibility of switching the goods. Of course, if the objection is from the Tiss furniture collection, the furniture will be repaired or replaced free of charge, and if the defect is from the consumer, we will visit our experts at the customer’s premises, repairing the home and office furniture at a cost.

6. What is the kind of wood used in your manufactured furniture?

Wood quality plays a very important role in the production of home and office furniture. The most important wood are Russian wood, Tabriz wood, oak and beech wood. In the meantime, beech wood is the most demanded in the home and office furniture industry due to its homogeneous texture and the degree of hardness. Many manufacturers of office and home furniture and wood sellers believe that there is no quality wood of Iranian beech wood. Hence, the Tiss furniture group often uses beech wood as a wood wool material in the production of home and office furniture.