TISS Industrial Company (Special joint stock)

TISS furniture group is one of the extremely active companies in the industry of production of classic and modern furniture which uses the best and newest material in the world. The production of these products is the result of use experienced professionals and many years of experience in combining art and technology in the wood industry.

TISS furniture group with nearly two decades of activity in the field of manufacturing and trading various types of home furniture in 2012, has started to establish manufacturing factories in order to produce furniture with export focus In an area of 13000 square meters in the southwest strategic region of Tehran by employing experienced professionals and the use of knowledge of European manufacturers, now it is able to export its products and enter the market for competition with other international manufacturers.

Why choose TISS home and office group?

There are several factors that influence the choice of an office furniture and home office brand, including quality, customer satisfaction, and furniture design.The main reasons why many customers and applicants choose office and home office furniture include the following:

  • Observe all technical considerations and standards during the design and production of office and home furniture based on observing the principles of quality
  • Using knowledge and ability of experienced and efficient internal experienced professionals.
  • Use of the latest and most up-to-date technologies and equipment for designing and manufacturing in the home and office furniture industry
  • Always accessible and honest engagement with customers and stockholders in order to respect consumer rights and understand their needs.

 TISS Furniture Group always tries to increase the level of customer’s satisfaction, using modern equipment, trained and educated staff, provide the best quality home and office furniture with the high quality and in line with the latest standards of the world in this industry.

Also, one of the most important activities of our team is the guarantee of making and providing support services pre-sale and after-sale.

TISS Furniture Group is ready to accept and complete the projects of interior architecture and decoration of commercial, office and residential spaces from mapping up design and implementation by creative professionals and artists.