Interior design has a remarkable role in quality of the atmosphere of building. The layout and division of space, material and color of surfaces (floor, ceiling and walls), lighting, furniture and other are key and determining factors for defining the beauty and efficiency of interior spaces.

Nowadays, the effect of interior design on calmness, work efficiency, especially in office spaces, is an obvious and imperative for everyone to have an impact on business spaces. Considering the world’s standards in the design and production of office furniture and home, it also has a tremendous effect on the beauty of space.

What inspires the soul of the space, is its interior. Therefore, it can be said that the quality of the interiors on the one hand has a direct impact on how our activities are performed, and on the other hand, it affects our attitude, civility and personality. Accordingly, the goal of interior design is to improve the physical and psychological function of space to make life easier in the home and work environment.

Meanwhile, due to the advancement of scientific and technological achievements in the home and office furniture industry, we are witnessing new and innovative styles and designs for decoration of the office environment and home.

For competition in domestic and international market, have a creative mind in order to develop modern themes, Considering ergonomics (human physical and mental abilities) in designing furniture, creating cost-effective and high quality products based on aesthetic principles, using up-to-date technologies, understanding the market and customer Expectations in a highly competitive environment, and ultimately Knowing enough of the materials and materials necessary to design and produce household and office furniture is one of the key requirements for the success and popularity of a brand in the home and office furniture industry.

In this regard, the activists and manufacturers of home and office furniture should have all their power and resources including scientific facilities and equipment, new equipment and technologies, financial infrastructure, knowledge and expertise of human resources to design, produce and export their products with the highest level of quality. To be able to succeed in the domestic and global markets.

TISS furniture group, based on two decades of supply and selling species of household and office furniture, In order to expand its field of activity has collected designers and creative decorators and experienced engineers, the most beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces create the best style and method of the day to the world for your work environment and your home.

The TISS Furniture Group, as a leading company in the field of home and office furniture design and production, has relied on the knowledge and expertise of the experienced domestic forces and designers in the field of manufacturing and trading products in the domestic and international markets.

The company works in the field of consulting, designing and implementing interior decoration based on the principle of “scientific design, excellent quality and appropriate time” in residential, administrative, commercial, cultural and other projects, and its mission is to provide and upgrade the satisfaction of dear customers.